Great chemistry is the spice of life. It’s like cosmically finding your better half and recognizing your indisputable destiny to meet. Cohort™, our newest partner in crime, is designed as a near-solid coordinate to marry with any Bentley products and collections. This textured-loop style offers a total of 19 neutral and saturated colorways available in 18 in x 36 in and 24 in x 24 in carpet tile. With its ability to bring allied spark to any project, Cohort’s companionship is simply meant to be.

Cohort is available in 19 colorways in 18 in x 36 in and 24 in x 24 in NexStep® Cushion Tile and AFIRMA™ Hardback Tile. Orders of 500 square yards or less will be ready to ship within 10 business days of order. For orders exceeding 500 square yards, please contact our Customer Care Concierge for availability.