Modern Revival

No matter how hard an architect or designer may try to achieve a timeless structure or visual, there’s almost always a component or two that will link that project back to the particular time in which it was built. Whether it’s the pitch of a roof, the shape of a window, or the specific building materials used in construction, common attributes and applications are embedded or ingrained in an architectural timeline. Through Bentley’s Modern Revival Collection, we explore the trend cycle of wood grains and stain colors that were prominent in three different architectural periods. By identifying oak as a constant throughout the many Revivalist periods, walnut as a staple in Mid-Century Modern styling, and Post-Modern blends of non-defined grains such as bamboo and eucalyptus Bentley was able to create a complete offering of classic wood visuals for any modern space.


Referred to as one of the most enchanting groves on earth, the Sagano Bamboo Forest on the outskirts of Kyoto is a peaceful refuge for those in need of introspection. It offers a serene escape for so many of the senses. The feel of fine gravel beneath your feet, the sight of structured stalks rising toward the sky, the haunting sound of rustling leaves, these are natural sensations that have the power to transport the mind to a better place, a happier place, a healthier place.

It’s nature’s ability to transport and restore that has inspired each of the three patterns within the Meiso Collection. Through organic patterning and inspired color, this collection is sure to provide a positive alignment with virtually any installation.

Invisible Visionaries

There are many aspects to the production of a film, play, musical or ballet. Visual effects make a significant impact on how realistic and enjoyable the overall end-result will be to the audience. One aspect of these effects is the costume design. The costumes in a period drama will reflect the moment in time in which a story is set while the costumes in a horror themed piece will help add to the fearful impact on the viewer. Regardless of the genre or medium, costumes can not only reveal so much about a character, but they must often be constructed to withstand scene after scene and take after take – aesthetics as well as performance. Allegro, Interlude and Backstage explore the talented masters behind the scenes who sketch, stitch and mend to instill personality into every role.

The Sorted Collection

Despite its name, Misfit is a valued member of The Sorted Collection. It provides a light-hearted blend of whimsical pattern elements, sophisticated textural layering and thoughtful color application. Available in broadloom and tile, Misfit is a versatile solution for a variety of functions and formats.

It may be defined by some as a simple texture but Typecast is more than a one-trick-pony; it’s a workhorse. With each colorway washing from light to dark, Typecast turns the tables and delivers an inverse companion of dark to light – providing the ability to create uncomplicated yet complex tile installations in areas that beg to be pushed beyond the norm.

Misfit and Typecast both foster flexibility and coordination. The styles won’t hinder or limit creative expression – they encourage it.

Drawing Room

Designers are challenged to create hospitality-inspired spaces that embrace modern office dynamics. It’s not just about meeting the needs of today’s generation and making them feel at home wherever they choose to work. More so, it’s about inspiring and empowering them. Chronicle™ and Redacted™, the first styles of the Drawing Room Collection, deliver the perfect balance.

Created to feel luxurious in a world that requires resilience, Chronicle and Redacted provide both. These highly textured patterns have the rich look of velvet embellished with the sheen of matte and metallic lusters. Their all-loop construction is a match for any high-traffic space.

The nose-to-the-grindstone, get-in-and-get-out mentality (and design) of traditional office environments is long gone. Results still matter, but how we achieve them continues to change. The latest additions to The Drawing Room Collection by Bentley, Dog Eared™ and Dust Jacket™ answer the call from today’s generations for modern spaces that “do it all” – fusing productivity with creativity, office with home, work with play.

Brought to life in a palette of 13 colors – capturing an ideal mix of warm to cool neutrals.


The Outskirts Collection reveals rich, textural patterns with a range of colorways that span from luxurious, edgy neutrals to vibrant, playful hues. They blur the look and feel of natural materials with the rugged performance of commercial carpet. Ritual has the aesthetic of textured high-end wool. Broken lines resemble branches carved from peaks and valleys, and given life with subtle yet brilliant washes of color. Repose lives up to its name, purposefully designed to mix and mingle with other styles – inside and out of The Outskirts line. With no specific linear direction, its all-over visual is a subtle, beautiful expression of color and pattern – a designer’s dream. Burnish brings a fresh alternative to commercial interiors. Featuring an overall multi-tonal texture, the design is ideal to complement The Outskirts Collection’s Repose and Ritual. It can also pair with any of Bentley’s wide array of products, or use on its own for a subtle statement on the floor.

Repose + Ritual are available in broadloom and three tile sizes, utilizing Antron® Lumena™ Type 6,6 Nylon in 13 colors.

Burnish is available in broadloom and three tile sizes, utilizing Antron® Lumena™ Type 6,6 Nylon in 17 colors.

Lost Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling, open-book of a city, managing to be gritty and razor-sharp while continuing to live up to it’s laid-back, sun-drenched-bohemian reputation. It has an aptitude for reinvention so strong that its deep roots are easily overlooked as new buildings grow over the old. John Lennon once said, ‘Los Angeles? That’s just a big parking lot where you buy a hamburger for the trip to San Francisco.’ Perhaps if he’d peeked beneath the surface he would have found another world entirely.

Comprised of two styles, the (los)t angeles collection examines rich, textural patterns in a range of seven colorways. Spanning from urban-inspired neutrals to vibrant, saturated hues, Trespass™ offers an exaggerated scale of pixelated plaid while Underground™ brings forth large-scale abstract blocks of substantial color. Featuring Antron® Lumena™ Type 6,6 Nylon, the collection is comprised of the latest in pattern tufting technology and the ultimate flexibility in color and performance.

Through the exploration of hidden and forgotten spaces in and around the city, Bentley discovers new narratives, telling stories of both decay and transformation as these lost places often evolve in new and unexpected ways…

Rocket Science

Fuel up and launch your next interiors project with Rocket Science…the next generation of Bentley’s popular Math Club Collection.

Rocket Science elevates carpet design to new heights with out-of-this-world patterns and color flexibility. Featuring two styles in 13 stellar colorways, Time Warp™ accentuates an organic broken line design while Hyperspace™ evokes oversized, layered geometrics.

Each style is offered in two carpet tile sizes for optimum installation options and also features Bentley’s COLORCAST™ technology. From subtle neutrals to vibrant, saturated hues the sky is the limit.

Soar to cosmic design and complete your next flooring mission…with Rocket Science.

Black Book

Luxe. Sleek. Exclusive. 

Black Book™ is Bentley’s first select line featuring velvety, lush, and specially designed products. New and sophisticated, these designs include a streamlined color palette, offering radiant neutrals and an occasional pop of color through our intuitive COLORCAST™ technology. This premium collective is sure to leave interiors exclusively sleek and saturated in opulent design.

Through a luxurious experience, Bentley presents…Black Book.


Curated textures designed and hand selected by Bentley’s design studio, coordinated to work together or apart. The collection showcases a multitude of surface aesthetics that can dynamically cultivate any interior space.

Narrate your own captivating textural story and expand your design palette with the ever-growing…Curio Collection.

Moda Venezia

Italian classics never go out of style, but a little update keeps them fresh and timeless. Moda Venezia, a new twist on a heritage Bentley brand, features 4 broadloom styles for you to create your own color concepts.

Math Club

It’s the 21st century. Poindexters are hot, mathletes are cool, and coders can reach near celebrity status. These days, pop culture affords us carte blanche to explore our inner nerdom, and Bentley is no exception. Engineered to the highest efficiency, the Math Club Collection unites piece-dyed technology with fine denier yarns to satisfy atomic price points and a fantasy of colors for even the most selective design geeks.

So go ahead, build a spaceship in your bedroom with your vacuum cleaner or host a 36-hour hack-a-thon. No judgment here. In fact, we think you’re dreamy.

New Bohemian

bohemian (n.) Gypsy. Wanderer. A person, musician, artist, or writer who lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom, and love.

Fueled by new-age spirit and a lust for nomadic freedom, New Bohemian™ presents an alternate perspective to the linear ideals of the modern world. The legacy of experienced goods, records a visual account of handcrafted design, igniting an evolution of luxury. The collection brings three large-scale styles to life, celebrating the beauty of wear. Vagabond™, Wanderlust™, and Troubadour™ uncover the layers of travelers’ passage through time with carefully curated colors and an abstract patchwork of pattern.

Western Edge

An inspirational look into the wild, ethereal landscape of the American desert, the Western Edge Collection journeys to a place where anything goes. The vast, cracked architecture of the southwestern terrain tells its unspoken story through the broken geometry of granulated earth, rich unadulterated tones, and persevering patterns of sunbathed vegetation extending past the horizon. The collection includes two carpet tile-only styles Hitchhiker™ and Savage Journey™, as well as two styles available in both carpet tile and broadloom, Dry Lake™ and Salt Creek™. Western Edge illustrates the complex simplicity of the desert landscape as its variegated form echoes across diverse layers of history.

Malibu Colony

The Malibu Colony Collection, available in both carpet tile and broadloom, reflects weathered modernism with a bold color palette drawn from the vibrant wildflowers along the coast, the glorious sunsets beneath the horizon, and the beautiful neutrals of the shoreline. The small-scale design of Carbon Beach™ mimics the feeling of the coastal sands and the soft surf of Little Dume, while the mid-scale Grotto Trail™ reinforces the idea of Malibu’s steep clay slopes and windy trails over a breathtaking coastline views.


Saturnia is the source. A natural spring of serenity and wellness, this collection offers peaceful inspiration, igniting energy and art within the modern designer. The Saturnia Collection includes six luxurious large- and small-scale styles available in carpet tile and broadloom, including Benessere™, Pieno Di Vita™, Posso™, Riposari™, Saturnia™, and Sportivo™. Also, featured are two broadloom patterns, Motivo™ and Terme™. The organic and grid-like patterns are suited for a diversity of market segments.