Declare Program

The Declare Program, written by the International Living Futures Institute (ILFI), is a transparency based initiative designed to promote product health and awareness. Three questions are asked when participating in this program:

Where does a product come from?

What is it made of?

Where does it go at the end of its life?

Once products are broken down by ingredients, they are then screened against the Red List to identify overall product health. The Red List is a compilation of ingredients that are classified as “the worst in class materials prevalent in the building industry”. Upon completion, labels are generated that display these verified ingredients and are made publicly available on ILFI’s website.

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Environmental Product Declarations

Bentley’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are certified in accordance with ISO 14025. These declarations describe the environmental characteristics of our products, and promote the growth of sustainable production.

EPDs serve as a life cycle assessment tool. They quantify the environmental impact of a product or system. EPDs include information on the environmental impacts of raw material acquisition, energy efficiency, and material content, air emissions, soil and water impacts, and waste generation.
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High PerformancePC – COLORCAST™ Carpet Products
High PerformancePC – Solution Dyed Carpet Products
NexStep® Cushion Tile – COLORCAST™ Carpet Products
NexStep® Cushion Tile – Solution Dyed Carpet Products
AFIRMA™ Hardback Tile – All Carpet Products
AFIRMA II™ Hardback Tile – All Carpet Products
AFFIXX™ Hardback Tile – COLORCAST™ Carpet Products
AFFIXX™ Hardback Tile – Solution Dyed Carpet Products
EliteFlex™ Cushion – All Carpet Products
EliteFlex™ Broadloom – All Carpet Products

Health Product Declarations

The Health Product Declaration (HPD™) is a tool for the reporting of product contents and ingredients’ relationship to human and ecological health. It attempts to systematize reporting language to enable the consistent disclosure of building product content and associated health information.

The HPD is designed to function as a complement to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) protocol that facilitates the consistent development and reporting of flows of energy, carbon, water and other pollutants from a product’s Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and characterizes related environmental impacts.

More information on the HPD can be found on the Health Product Declaration Collaborative’s website

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AFFIXX™ Hardback Tile
AFIRMA™ Hardback Tile, AFIRMA II™ Hardback Tile, and EliteFlex™ Broadloom
High PerformancePC Broadloom
NexStep® Cushion Tile