Our FULFILL™ carpet reclamation program is designed to help fulfill our mission to serve as good corporate citizens. With a sense of purpose and duty we operate a reclamation program that guarantees 100% landfill diversion. We make every effort to provide your project team with the best disposal option available, the most cost effective service, and stress-free experience.

Why recycle with Bentley?

We will work to keep all carpet material, regardless of manufacturer or material type, from reaching a landfill. We coordinate the transportation and processing of your used carpet, and provide reclamation certificates that recognizes your recycling efforts and commitment to environmental stewardship.

For every 100 square yards of carpet reclaimed, you help save:

• 420 pounds of carpet from landfills

• 27 cubic feet of landfill space

• 420,000 Average Equivalent BTU’s of energy

• 840 CO2 eq. lbs of global warming potential

How can you get started?

• Complete the form to the right to get more information about recycling options for your project.

• Call your local rep or contact the Bentley Sustainability Department at 800.423.4709.

• Send an email with questions or project details to sustainability@bentleymills.com.

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